Looking for amazing books!

I'm interested in books that you were fond of in your childhood, and that are not world-known and not yet translated into Russian. I'm eager to translate them and read to my own children. I'll be also very grateful if you give a brief description of a book and links to find the text in the internet.
Thank you in advance, I'm all awaiting!
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Cover Art

Is anyone else a little disappointed about the change in cover art style?  I thought the original style was a little more realistic, plus it included those fun fold-out pictures of the different places in Camden Falls.  Thoughts?
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A List of Main Street books

For reference:

#1: Welcome to Camden Falls (May 2007)
#2: Needle and Thread (August 2007)
#3: 'Tis the Season (October 2007)
#4: Best Friends (April 2008)
#5: The Secret Book Club (July 2008)
#6: September Surprises (September 2008)
#7: Keeping Secrets (April 2009)
#8. Special Delivery (October 2009)
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